What Does a Police Brutality Lawyer Do?


Police Brutality lawyers ensure the rights of police brutality victims are protected. Our law firm does this in several ways. First, we assure the victim that we will hold those responsible for their injuries by accurately identifying the perpetrators. Next, we place the perpetrators of these unlawful acts on notice that they’ll be held responsible for their abuse of authority and brutality. We then endeavor to obtain maximum recovery for our clients who are victims of police brutality.

When Police engage in brutality, by using unnecessary and excessive force, when detaining or arresting someone, they become both civilly and potentially criminally liable for their actions. Police officers are only allowed to use for which is “reasonable and necessary” to gain compliance with an arrestee or individual. If they use force greater than what is “reasonable and necessary”, to gain compliance, they engage in excessive use of force also known as police brutality.

Under the law, discovering the identity of the perpetrators of police brutality is important. The perpetrators can be held personally liable for their unlawful acts. Therefore, it is paramount that their identity is revealed for the purpose of a police brutality lawsuit and dissuading the defendant officer from engaging in future police brutality.

If you believe that you or someone you love has been the victim of police misconduct, you should seek the services of a lawyer at the firm of Law Office of Andrew C. Laufer. You may be compensated for a violation of your civil rights. To schedule a consultation, contact our law office today.

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