Excessive Use of Force

Searches without Warrant

Under most circumstances, in order to search your home, police officers require a warrant signed by a judge. If they don’t have one or ‘claim” that you consented to the search, that is a violation of your rights. Police officers must also swear under oath to the judge issuing the warrant certain facts that justify the search of your home. If they lie to the judge and based upon that lie the judge signs the warrant, which is also a violation of your rights.

Taser or Weapon Abuse

Police officers have the power to cause injury and even death of members of the public when attempting to effectuate an arrest or if they feel their lives or the lives of others are threatened. This is the ultimate power of the state or authority. When this power is abused, dire consequences for you are usually the result. Tasers, OC or pepper spray, batons, and guns aren’t toys. They can cause lasting injury, debilitations, and even death. When officers abuse the use of these weapons, they are engaging in assault, battery, and excessive force of your person. This is not only a violation of your rights but also illegal.

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